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Link to food programme

This is an interesting (as my own church is stepping up its role in this area) but depressing programme on foodbanks and faith.   Interestingly the non Christians seem to be offering more interesting fresh food.  We’ve been hit by a … Continue reading

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Wendell Berry-The Gift of Good Land

“What gave them power, and made them able finally to dominate and reshape our society, was the growth of technology for the production and use of fossil fuel energy. This energy could be made available to empower such unprecedented social … Continue reading

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God of the sparrow

“Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.” – St. Matthew 10 v. 29 God of the sparrow God of the whale God of the swirling stars … Continue reading

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One thing we have learnt this week

High energy prices have consequences when combined with high food prices, spending cuts and a lack of jobs.  I listened to a single mother (who works part time) on the news describe how she could only afford to heat her … Continue reading

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Another good review for our book

Kevin Scott has given “No oil in the lamp” a good review. His site has a number of interesting blogs on faith and the environment and is well worth visiting. Neil

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More stuff on Facebook

I’ve posted some interesting links on our Facebook wall. Neil

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Wood pile update

Earlier this year I posted about the woodpile. That pile is used up. Which just goes to show you how much wood you need to heat a house. Unfortunately wood is not the magic bullet to overcome peak gas and … Continue reading

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Whatever the question, fusion is not the answer…

At least at first glance this is a different technology without many of the drawbacks of the the fission route and is one that does not rely on uranium. Bizarrely though there is still a uranium dependency. The physics of … Continue reading

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See Facebook page

Working on a long technical post for this site, in the meanwhile please see the Facebook page for some links to interesting articles I’ve found, everything from growing your own to happiness. Neil

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