One thing we have learnt this week- love our planet

This Valentines day maybe we should learn to love our planet more.heart.jpg  The ex environment secretary Caroline Spelman warned this week as the floods worsened we have lost sight of the need to tackle climate change.

She said “This flooding is a sharp reminder that everyone, sceptic or not, has to think about the risk of flooding, whatever they think causes it,” she said. “We need to adapt. What is happening now relates to what we were doing two decades ago [in increasing greenhouse gas emissions].”

Reactions to the links between the flooding and storms here and climate change have fallen into two camps.  The Met office’s chief Scientist has directly linked them to climate change.  Many right wing politicians still seem to be in denial, stating its just natural variation.  Of course now the denial may have another element.  That is if these storms are caused by climate change then at only 0.8 degrees C we are going to be in for a lot more of this type of weather.  Not something most politicians want to talk about.

Nor most Christians apparently.  There is an interview with Andy here explaining why. We can expect to treat our planet as we do and live without consequences.  So this valentines day love our planet.  Ideas of how to do so in our book.


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2 Responses to One thing we have learnt this week- love our planet

  1. Tell me about it. Any attempts to even bring up the subject of Climate Change,Peak Oil or even pollution causes the most vitriolic of reactions from Christians here.

    That many have a career in the car industry or are trying to start one is probably part of the reason, but it is depressing. Usually the response ranges from”Well, it is a problem, ut it isn’t important” through “well you would say that, you don’t like cars” to “Oh, shut up.”

    At the same time my environmentalist friends wonder why, of Christians are always going on about ‘creation’ they don’t seem to care very much about it. I can’t really answer that as I don’t get it myself.

    • admin says:

      Andy thanks for comments as per usual. I’m genuinely surprised at the attitude of Christians in Germany regarding these subjects we think of Germany as being light years ahead of us….

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