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Book even cheaper are selling our book even cheaper than before. If you are interested in buying it then play is currently the cheapest place. Neil

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One thing we have learnt this week

Renewable energy installation continues to power ahead. Provisional global installation figures for 2012 for wind and solar (likely to be revised upwards) showed wind capacity grew almost 20% last year to reach 282GWp capacity. Solar PV capacity increased to 100GWp … Continue reading

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Wind power – still a cause of debate

About 8 miles from my home in rural Suffolk (in the East of England) two wind turbines have recently been erected and will soon be producing electricity. These are the first large ones in this area, though there are several … Continue reading

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We don’t eat oil do we?

The modern food production systems which developed over the course of the twentieth century are only part of the story of agricultural development that has taken place over millennia, as man has learnt how to make land, crops and animals … Continue reading

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Climate justice

“Isaiah anticipates a future where there will be harmony between human and animal; wild and domestic creatures (Isaiah 11:6-9, 65:25). Similarly, St. John foresees harmony between God, humanity and the whole of creation (Revelation 22:1-4). If Christians are to reveal … Continue reading

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Book out of stock at wholesaler

Our book is out of stock at one of the wholesalers, the first time this has happened.  What this means I’m not quite sure but there are plenty of books in stock on the on-line retailers.  Incidentally the cheapest place … Continue reading

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One thing we have learnt this week

Christians are interested in the idea of a carbon fast for lent. There is probably a wordpress plugin to measure post popularity but there is no doubt about it the most popular post we have written so far are the … Continue reading

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Swap and share

Last night our Connect group (home-group) held its swap and share evening. Di had worked out how it would work and to you do need some ground rules.  This is how it worked for us (very successfully). No one was … Continue reading

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Andy interviewed on video by Valerie Comer

Andy is interviewed in this video by Valerie Comer about why Christians are disinterested in the environment. The quality is mostly OK (it was recorded on Skype). Andy interview Neil

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African archbishop calls for a carbon fast for lent

The Anglican church in southern Africa includes some of the countries most vulnerable to climate change. Two Dioceses (Lebombo and Niassa) have been hit by devastating floods, leaving over 150,000 people homeless. Archbishop Thabo Magkoba, convenor of the Anglican Environmental … Continue reading

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