Climate justice

“Isaiah anticipates a future where there will be harmony between human and animal; wild and domestic creatures (Isaiah 11:6-9, 65:25). Similarly, St. John foresees harmony between God, humanity and the whole of creation (Revelation 22:1-4). If Christians are to reveal the new creation, we will glorify God when we live out that harmony today. Given the damaging impacts of climate change, a key component has to be lifestyle choices that support this harmony. This will mean reducing carbon emissions through a myriad of different lifestyle choices. Joining a local Transition network or similar environmental group might help us develop lower carbon lifestyles. Whether we fly less, grow our own food to reduce food miles, cycle or put solar panels on our roofs, there are numerous ways in which we can live in a more climate-sustaining lifestyle. We must also be
concerned at threatened biodiversity hotspots globally, and our care of nature, locally. So we might refuse to purchase items made from tropical hardwoods, or items grown on areas cleared of tropical forest. We might seek to demonstrate human and ecological harmony in our own local areas through positive recreation schemes, which strengthen local community and have a policy of encouraging ecological diversity.”

Excerpt from “Carnival Kingdom Biblical justice for global communities”

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