One thing we have learnt this week

I could have mentioned a quote from our book went viral on twitter, but I’m going to be more theological this week.  This article is not new, but I only found it this week.  Its by Walter Brueggemann and entitled “The Liturgy of Abundance, The Myth of Scarcity”.  It fits in very well with our books theme.  Using a wide range of scripture including Genesis 47 Walter Brueggemann challenges the “The Myth of Scarcity” i.e. the idea we never have enough in the way of material processions.   As it happens Genesis 47 is something that I have been reading about in my own studies this week.  Its a little known passage (read it and you will see why) that I had not noticed until I was doing some reading for our book.  Joseph saves Egypt from famine but a very high economic and social cost.  As we ride down the oil peak we must ensure we use the opportunity to build a more equal society.  Anyway the whole article is well worth a read.  What do we regard as important? 

The original link is from the “Slow Church” blog, the link is on our Facebook page and that site is well worth a visit.  Like us on FB.


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