Carbon emissions 2012

Earlier on in the year I reported on my carbon emissions for 2012. This as the earlier post indicated are only those due to transport and energy. They do not relate to those due to food and consumer goods. This year we have mostly been successful at cutting our carbon (apart from my daughters flying trip of course). Everything is lower other than a bit of tube travel and the electricity use.

The increased electricity use is on way surprising since we doubled our PV capacity in late 2011. It reflects children being older and using laptops and lights to use facebook, I mean do homework till later, when the PV system is either not working or producing minimal power. The PV systems also underperformed by about 20% in 2012 due to the terrible weather. In addition we have nailed down our standby consumption during the day that we export the power to the grid. Its still a bit disappointing though. After a year of record renewable energy production here the carbon intensity of the grid must be lower but I have not managed to find these figures. There was markedly less train travel this year for family reasons and our train travel is returning to what would probably be its long term average. The lesson of all this is its hard to cut your energy use…


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