One thing we have learnt this week

I periodically check this page which shows real time data of where the UK’s electricity is coming from. I tend to check when its either very still or very windy. Its been very windy over the last week and a checked it a few days ago. Imagine my surprise when the wind capacity had jumped over that period by about 2GWp. Some very large offshore wind farms must have been finally connected to the grid, although I have not managed to find out which.

The page shows only the very large capacity renewables in wind, hydro and biomass (other) connected to the transmission network and not the smaller renewables on the distribution network (due to the way the electricity is sold).   The page overstates this smaller stuff, the blurb is not updated very often so in terms of wind there is probably another 2GWp meaning the capacity is nearly 10GWp.  Unfortunately it does not show solar or other micro-generation although once smart meters are introduced there is no technical reason why it should not.  The wind power predictions are usually very accurate by the way.


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