One thing we have learnt this week

Shell having pulled out of solar PV some years ago maybe regretting their decision. They have brought out a report* this week suggesting under one scenario solar will be the dominant energy source by the 2060’s.  It also sees demand for energy globally doubling by 2050.

A doubling in energy demand is something that is not going to be easy to meet even with unconventional oil and gas.  Its very hard to see oil production doubling to nearly 180 million barrels a day in less than 40 years. Or natural gas production keeping pace with demand when China’s consumption is rising at 20% a year.  Energy prices are only going to go one way.

We need to change the way we live.  Use less energy and learn to accept planetary limits for our sake and those of the environment.  All this has profound implications for Christians.  We are put here as stewards and should be at the forefront of conservation and lifestyle change.  At the moment we seem complicit in a system that has no future as it is constructed.  We also waste money as churches and individuals on energy costs which could be better spent on other things and programs. The question is what are we going to do about it?


* when I’ve had a chance to read the report then I will write a blog post on it.

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