Food growing update

nasturtiums at hortillinonnageSpring has sprung, at least it appears that way at least some of the time between the dumps of snow.  The daffodils are struggling up and leaves coming into bud.  Over the last month my attention has started to turn to growing food.  We have winter lettuce outside which will give us our first few leaves in a few weeks.  But I’ve started planting up for the summer.  I have placed the seedlings by my wood burner rather than use the electric propagator.  So far I have planted and had germinate tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, peppers, lettuce, leeks and nasturtiums.   Nasturtiums are for those who don’t know it edible as well.  The flowers and leaves can be eaten, we put them in salad and they have a hot peppery taste.  I also put one short row of broad beans in outside but nothing has emerged yet.

I’m still using last years fruit up from the freezer.  I made blackcurrant jam this week which I have to say is very good.  Despite the terrible weather last summer gooseberries and blackcurrants did really well -something to bear in mind.  As we said in our book food is a big issue as far as peak oil is concerned.  Most of us cannot be self sufficient but we can grow something.  In last weeks Guardian magazine there was an article on a group of neighbours in London who were growing food in small spaces and a picture showed the most wonderful looking Raspberries in a window box.  So get out there and grow something!


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