One thing we have learnt this week

As the Chancellor pursues his obsession with Shale gas in the budget, most ominously stating that planning rules would be relaxed for fracking, the full implications of the UK’s dependency on natural gas for both heating its homes and electricity generation are becoming apparent this week.  Ian Marchant who wrote the forward to our book has warned that the lights may go out.  There is a fresh warning today that the UK may run out of gas.  With little storage to buffer against high demand and declining output of our own, the unseasonally cold weather has meant we are running out.  I’m sure Russia, Norway or Qatar will sell us some at a price but we will see a another big increase in the costs of electricity and gas.  So there you have it.  There are energy security, price and climate reasons to switch to renewables and conserve.  There is no way shale gas is going to be a big player here.  All it will do is keep us hooked on gas.  America don’t make the same mistake…  Before you know it your plentiful indigenous supplies are depleting and you are casting around looking for  an alternative.


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