After my long blog on food here is a shorter one on milk.  Last week a guy turned up on the doorstep telling me he was from a local dairy.  His story was they were sick of being ripped off by the supermarkets and wanted to sell direct to the consumer.  Would we like to commit to a trial?  I was sympathetic and agreed.  Later I had doubts.  I usually as a point of principle never buy anything on the doorstep.  The guy scrawled everything in a notebook and had no business card.  However, I had agreed to buy 4 pints of milk once and not handed over any money in advance.  I emailed the company and its genuine so we will give it ago.  The food miles should be lower.  A problem is we buy variable amounts of milk in any one week.  We usually buy one bottle from the corner shop to top up and the milk we are being offered is more expensive than that from that source, although not by much.  The supermarket milk is an order of magnitude cheaper than either of course.  But as I posted earlier and as is covered in an article in today’s Observer newspaper (about all sorts of different foodstuffs) if we drive our farmers out of business we are going to be in trouble in a few years time as food prices really rocket due to the oil price and climate induced disaster.


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