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Shasta Daisy in my garden

I posted earlier about my wife reading “Everyday God” by Paula Gooder, I said I was going to read it and I am using it in my own studies.  I have also read a short book by Maggie Dawn “The Accidental Pilgrim: New Journeys on Ancient Pathways” and I’m currently reading “In Praise of Slow: How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed” by Carl Honore.  All three books have things to tell us about finding meaning in the ordinary routine of life.  “Slow” is a secular book although Carl Honore  talks about religion a lot and quotes the bible several times.  The other two books are about finding God in the ordinary experiences of life.  I tend to think of my Christian life as a pilgrimage or journey perhaps because of my sinfulness.  But for a Christian there is the opportunity to find God in the everyday, such as the natural world.  Paula Gooder describes how we so often miss seeing this.  Oil has given us so much choice, its almost become a form of idolatry as we chase from travel/shopping experience to the next and miss out on so much stuff that is under our noses.Neil

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