Greenbelt 2012 was a challenging experience in many ways due to the weather.  In addition our launch was on the Monday.  Both these factors may have reduced the numbers attending, but as the photos suggest the numbers weren’t bad considering.

Crowd at the launch of our book.

Another shot of those listening.

We ponder a question from the audience.

As you can see from the way everyone is wearing hats and coats the weather was freezing with a gale coming underneath the edge of the tent.  We were both freezing although we loved the venue and the way it had been set-up with the flowers and hay-bales.

We did not have time to cover all the material in the book (much less in any detail) so left out subjects such as economics and renewables.  I had just come from a talk given by Douglas Alexander who was very impressive, but when asked a question about economic growth and resource depletion didn’t seem to get the idea that endless growth in the way we have it now (or not), is impossible.

Thanks everyone for your questions and comments at the end.  If anyone would like to follow up or didn’t get picked then please post to the forum.  We enjoyed the experience.  We also enjoyed signing books and catching up with those we had not seen for a while.  Some people who did not attend the launch have bought the book and some of these people turned up to the signing.

Neil and Andy

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