“No oil in the lamp” ebook

No oil in the lamp: fuel, faith and the energy crisis ebookNeil, Andy and DLT are pleased to announce we are working on an ebook version of “No oil in the lamp”. The ebook will be slightly updated and different to the print version. It will be available in epub, pdf, Amazon Kindle, iTunes, Kobo etc.  On of the advantages is the ebook will have one click purchase worldwide particularity in the US.  We launch the ebook at Greenbelt 2013 where we are giving 2 talks.

Its inevitable that some things will be out of date as we move forward in time.  Going through the book after a year its amazing how little has changed.  Some of the facts and figures did need updating, for example installed wind and solar capacity.   The main updates have been on fracking (especially shale oil in the US and gas fracking in the UK) and “the Arab Spring”.  As I blogged here this latter issue is a tragedy that shows no sign of abating soon. We made some predictions about the Arab Spring in the print edition.  The whole situation is moving in a worrying but at the same time very unpredictable direction.  We have also added two graphs showing the extreme fossil fuel dependency of food to the food chapter.  Please note the ebook version does not contain the study guide.  If you want that you must buy the print edition.  We know of one church that is doing a group study utilising the study guide.  Another church has used the book as the basis for a Sunday morning service.Unfortunately as the oil price hovers around a high historical level of $100/barrel  Christian’s complacency about this issue has not changed.  Through the ebook we hope to change this.



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