Peak oil theology

Peak oil theology. Or rather Peak oil, is there specific theology to it?  This was one of the questions I was asked when I recently went to speak at “Christchurch Morningside”.  My answer is the one we gave in the book.  No.

In our chapter on theology subtitled “Towards a theology of peak oil” we looked at dominion, justice, human wisdom and frailty, Jesus’ teaching, the early church as community and end times prophecy, but none of this theology is specific to peak oil.  We concluded;

While there may be no specific Christian response to peak oil,
there are both specific challenges to our faith and also significant
opportunities. The first challenge is that for many Christians
(particularly but not exclusively Evangelicals) our faith has become
a consumerist pick-and-mix self-help system. Neil’s minister said in
a sermon recently that when he browses Christian TV stations on
the satellite channels, at any one point in time 18 out of 20 are
broadcasting health-and-wealth theology. This heresy will be severely
challenged by the events of the years ahead. There is no record of
Jesus owning anything and there is nothing in the Bible to suggest
that this is what our faith is about. Jesus came to bring salvation,
not material contentment. More than a cursory glance at the
New Testament shows that for many of his followers becoming a
Christian was the start of their problems (for example 2 Corinthians
6:1-10). Jesus himself said he had come not to bring peace but
the sword, something that has been misinterpreted, but clearly
implies that life is not going to be a bed of roses. Peak oil presents
us with an opportunity to clear out the materialistic detritus and
focus on what our faith really means.

Anyone got any different views, or come up with definitive peak oil theology?


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