One thing we have learnt this week- green crap and climate change despair

wind turbine from below taken in France.

wind turbine from below taken in France.

There are climate change talks taking place in Poland, and by all accounts they are not going very well. This in the same week the PM was reported as saying he wanted to get rid of all the green crap on our bills. As I wrote in a previous post this is undeliverable.  It also come soon after he made comments about the typhoon in the Philippines, saying we would should act using a precautionary principle on climate change.  This is a view I wholeheartedly agree with.  The recent IPCC report does nothing to suggest that climate change has gone away and recent research suggests that we have underestimated the warming trend.

Reports yesterday told us that most (but not all NGO’s) walked out of the climate change talks due to the lack of urgency and ambition in them.  Japan and Australia have reneged on earlier promises.  Whilst Japan may have some excuse with its nuclear shut-down, I fail to see Australia has any.

However, there is another argument as we have argued in our book to conserve and switch to renewables etc. That is energy security.  I have just checked the oil price and its still very high by historical standards.  We need to get off increasingly costly fossil fuels for energy security as much as climate change reasons.  The PM should surely be aware of this in a UK context, with depletion of North Sea gas and oil and the fastest rising energy bills in Europe?  Other countries such as Japan do; its making a whole-scale switch to renewables as fast as possible to get off gas.  This in my view means it may cut more carbon in time than its suggesting it will now.  Lets pray that the climate change talks are successful in Poland leading to a new treaty in 2015.  More ambition please politicians, you know it makes sense.


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