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In a previous post I had a look at the latest global energy data from the BP statistical review of world energy 2014.  This revealed disappointingly that most energy was still coming from the four traditional energy sources.  The renewable energy output was still a small component of the stacked bar, although solar does now show up in its own right if you zoom in and look closely.

However when you look at the renewables within that latest global energy data its more encouraging.  Looking at the total installed solar PV capacity worldwide its obvious solar is in experiencing exponential growth, which is the fit I have made in this first graph below.

pv capacity global 2014

Picking out some of the individual countries with the most rapid growth provided further encouragement (second graph).

pv capacity in selected countries 2014 Apart from the main one (Germany), other countries stand out.  The US is undergoing strong growth.  Since the nuclear shutdown in Japan in 2011 this country has over doubled its capacity.  For all the talk of China being the world’s largest polluter its making huge strides in renewables and is now the worlds largest PV market.  The performance of some of the smaller countries is very impressive with Belgium and the Czech Republic having enormous installed capacity for their size.  My country has also has done very well.  In fact the data for the first quarter of this year (not included in the graphs) there was record PV installation. Renewable electricity output reached a record in both the UK and Germany (in May almost 8% of the UK’s electricity was coming from PV one day).  The latest global energy data shows a along way to go, but does offer some encouragement.


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