Wood pile

Here is one of my wood piles. I’ve got wood stored seemingly everywhere at the moment.  All scrap or trees that people wanted felled.  Two major sources of wood this year were from church and another one a late neighbour directly opposite.  As we say in the book biomass is not the answer to Peak oil as far as space heating is concerned.  In most countries (such as the UK) it could supplement other forms of heating for some people (which is what we do), or heat a relatively small number of houses individually or by district heating schemes.  Our lounge is upstairs (with the wood-burner in) and the radiators in it are turned off or set to a very low level on the thermostatic valves.  The valves in other rooms on this floor are set on progressively higher levels the further away you get.  It reduced our gas bill massively, although there are complaints that the rest of the house is cold compared to the lounge (true – but only relatively most of the time).

I’m getting better at stacking it, but this pile has fallen over twice!  It sounded like an earthquake the last time.  I assume as it dries the centre of gravity shifts.  This year its Birch, Laurel and Leylandii (the latter is mixed as far as burning is concerned but it dries in weeks).  I’ve never bought or run out of wood yet which shows how much is around in a city at the moment although as energy supplies tighten competition will intensify. This pile won’t last more than a few weeks (if the weathers really cold). It won’t be long before I start using it, the nights are getting colder.

Wood pile, this year I had the sense to cover the top and not the sides.


Same pile from inside.


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