One thing we have learnt this week- Irish wind power

the irish flagWith all the talk of the German energy transition are we missing another countries change, that is Irish wind power?  There are now a whole heap of websites where you can look at what’s happening on the grid in real time.  Yesterday looking for something else I found one and was very surprised to see earlier on that day 70% of Ireland’s electricity was from wind power.  By the time I had found it had dropped to a still very impressive 30%.

Ireland rarely gets mentioned in energy terms.  I have read about big battles over offshore gas finds on the West coast and I know Ireland used to get a lot of its electricity from unsustainable peat, but the rise of Irish wind power has crept up on me.  A high voltage DC interconnecter has recently opened to the UK.  This means both countries can iron out excess or shortages of power.  What I don’t know is whether the wind industry in Ireland has a lot of opposition as it has here.

Obviously Ireland being a small windy country will find it easier to its needs from wind than a larger country like the UK or Germany, but its still very impressive.  Well done Ireland.


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