One thing we have learnt this week -solarbox

If you see one of these painted green you can charge your phone in it.

If you see one of these painted green you can charge your phone in it.

In the UK phoneboxes have traditionally been red, however if you are in London and see a green one its a solarbox.  With all of us on the move and wanting to keep in instant contact with everyone all the time one major problem is that often we run out of charge.  The idea is that you can pop into one of these solarboxs and charge your mobile devices using a solar PV panel mounted on top.

The “solarbox” is a great idea in theory but there are a number of practical problems I foresee.  The first is security.  At least one shop I know offers this facility (not solar powered), but you lock your phone in a locker.  The second is related to the first, it takes time.  My phone takes at least an hour to charge fully (and I think you should discharge and charge completely).  The third problem with the solarbox is that there are a huge number of connectors that might be required.  At Greenbelt a few years ago an energy company bought a small wind turbine and offered a free charging service.  It was as you can imagine very popular.  The company had bought literally dozens of leads and adapters so that any phone could plug into it.  These problems aside the solarbox is an idea that could work.


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