Why bother?

Why bother?

It’s too hard all this environmental stuff, and I don’t want to change anyway. Things will be sorted by the time my kids grow up, I know they’ll have invented a new type of energy or found a way to conserve what we have – because the scientists are very good at that aren’t they? Any anyway I have such a small carbon footprint, even if I walked on on tip toe it wouldn’t really have an impact would it! However, if I don’t do something different why will anyone else, and isn’t it a good thing to do anyway? It was probably only when finances got tight and the kids started asking why we weren’t doing our bit to save polar bears that we tried harder – here are a few ideas that we tried and worked with little cost to us. They might not be right for everyone, but show how once we decided to act differently we found it wasn’t really that hard for us – so maybe it won’t be for you either – recycling and consuming at the same time, walking the extra mile, cutting the extra car and putting on the extra layer!


Guest blog by a member of my church – this is the first of a short series

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