One thing we have learnt this week -ordinary heroes

logo@2xTearfund has launched a new campaign called ordinary heroes.  For someone who is not heroic like me the name is quite reassuring.  The idea is to get Tearfund supporters to make small changes in their lives to make the world more just and sustainable.

As Tearfund say in the accompanying report;

We live in a century of mingled promise and peril. The decisions we take now and the way we live will have an impact on our children and on generations to come – for good or ill.

They give five foundational ideas for Christians to follow.

1. Live within our fair share of the world’s resources and environmental limits.
2. Respond to poverty and inequality with radical generosity.
3. Speak out prophetically.
4. Use our power as a voter, a citizen and a consumer.
5. Live restoratively and prioritise relationships.

On the web link above Tearfund share some examples to help you start on this journey and become one of an army of ordinary heroes.  The first is to switch to a renewable energy supplier.  Whilst I agree this is a laudable aim I disagree with the implication that if you switch then all the electrons are green that enter your house.  This is untrue, they are exactly the same, but the extra money raised is used to invest in additional renewable capacity.  The second is to engage with political parties during the election campaign,  there is a simple online petition  form to help you do this.  The last is perhaps the most challenging that is to use your spending power wisely so that in your spending you are adding to climate change or exploiting people.  This is a bit of an ethical minefield and requires research.   I’m hoping that the University where most of my pension is held is on the point of divesting, but many spending decisions are difficult to quantify.

Tearfund ask for some ideas from their supporters so here are some that this site has blogged on before.

We have lots more ideas in our book looking at material, energy, transport and food from the very simple to complex and challenging.

I would strongly commend the Tearfund report that goes with the ordinary heroes project as well as the project itself.


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