Walking the extra mile

We moved back to Edinburgh so our kids could all be all at the same school, and when they started that was great, although getting them out was a stress.  “10 minutes to out”, “5 minutes to out”, “are you all ready”, “we’re going”, “we’re late”, “what have you forgotten now”, as the stress levels rise, we all get late and it feels like child abuse forcing them out of the house. In general they finished at the same time, but as they got older we found they all had finish times that were different, and we ended up giving lifts as we were just too far away to walk, and some were still a bit young to use the bus on their own.  A house came up closer to school, and we managed to get it – within walking distance (and up a hill!).  Now they can walk – better for them, better for the environment and better for their friendships (walking and talking with others).  Yes sometimes we give them a lift in, particularly if it is wet and we are leaving at the same time, but most of the time they walk there and back. Plus the added benefit of a stress free morning, as if they are late that’s now their issue not ours.


Guest blog by a member of my church – this is the third of a short series

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