One thing we have learnt this week – foraging

blackberries in our garden after rainIs it going to be a good year for foraging?  Last week I went on the train to a family funeral shortly after going on holiday. What’s interesting is going to different parts of the country to see how agriculture or at least plants are faring.  As I went further south I expected the plants in the fields and gardens I saw to be ahead of mine. What is interesting is its less clear cut than that. Even in my locality I see plants that I have in my garden are behind my near neighbours. On holiday on the Isle of Man I saw plants that I grow were generally behind my garden in Scotland, although there were exceptions.

What is surprising is that after such a cold May is what a good year we going to have for fruit and foraging.  On the train the embankments were covered in brambles, these were coated with in flowers or developing fruit.  Looking at Apple trees these were the same, from one end of the country to the other the harvest is also going to be very good.  My apple tree much to my surprise after coming into flower too early compared with its pollination partners and then suffering a period of cold weather is going to have a great crop (as long as we do not have gales).  There are exceptions though.  My gooseberry bushes have not cropped as well this year and my vegetables are at least a month behind (in the case of some root vegetables such as parsnips this may mean no crop).  At the hotel I was staying at before the funeral there was a cherry tree in the grounds. It was covered in ripe cherries of which I sampled a few after foraging.  Delicious they were too -its going to be a great year for foraging.




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