Pylons to go

PylonHorizonHere’s a nice little story I have found, pylons are to be removed from at least some national parks.  National grid has found some money (£500 million) to do this in England and Wales.  (In Scotland two of the big six own the grid.)   The pylons will be removed in favour of sections of cable and the lucky places are New Forest, Peak district and Snowdonia.

The Dinorwig pumped storage scheme which sits in the middle of Snowdonia shows what can be done. What is so impressive about this scheme is that you would hardly know it was there.  Due to its location in Snowdonia the power station was built in the middle of a mountain and its entrance is where a slate quarry was.  In addition the transmission lines are buried underground for around 6 miles as cables rather than as pylons.  This shows what can be done although replacing the entire national grid with cables rather than pylons would cost hundreds of billions of pounds.  Recently NG has been trying a number of different designs out although even with some of these new look pylons they  could be intrusive.

I personally don’t dislike pylons excessively although I cannot see any from where I live.  The only time I notice them is when they get in my frame for a picture.  This only happens in places of great beauty of course….


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