UK renewables record broken

decc energy data Q2 2015A UK renewables record has been broken again.  For the first time renewable generated electricity overtook coal and nuclear (separately not combined) in Q2 this year.  Renewables production rose a massive 51% over Q2 2104 making up 25% of total electricity.  The latest renewables record was due in part to increased wind and rainfall but the biggest part of the increase was due to increased solar capacity.  This now looks set to overtake hydro over the entire year.  Solar capacity is now thought to be at least 8GWp, but this is probably an underestimate.  The situation viz a viz coal is helped by the closure of so many coal fired power stations.  It seems certain coal will never overtake renewables again.  Nuclear electricity production fell, something that looks likely to continue for the foreseeable future. It has to be said whilst UK renewables record was broken the UK’s energy use is still rising.  UK electricity production fell very slightly but electricity use rose, the difference being made up of imports.  Oil use also increased.  Is cheaper oil meaning people are driving more?  Overall the news that the renewables record has been broken is a cause for celebration but not complacency especially as the government is cutting almost all support.


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