Art exhibition in the nuclear zone

10668295_1133346013348006_545104614_nWhich is the most remote art exhibition in the world? Or maybe not the most remote art exhibition but the hardest to reach? Or the art exhibition perhaps you would not want to reach? The answer is almost certainly at least to some of the above questions is the art exhibition in the Fukushima nuclear exclusion zone.  “Don’t follow the wind” is an art exhibition with a difference put together by some famous artists (well I’ve only heard of Chinese dissident and artist Ai Weiwei).  The title is based on the idea of people fleeing the invisible plume of radiation in 2011.  Click on this link to learn very little.

The artists have created their art exhibition in series of abandoned buildings, a farm, a house a warehouse and a recreation centre. Whilst in the Guardian’s article today there were some descriptions of the art* (very Turner prize), there are no pictures, no catalog and people will only be able to visit the art exhibition when the place is inhabitable again. So not in our lifetime then.


* Ai Weiwei has one exhibit that is lights powered by a solar panel for two hours every morning.  One of the other artists Ahmet Ogut has apparently based his on a locals set of Samurai armour.

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