Cutting the extra car

We love our cars and like driving so naturally had 2 (him and her) cars! When we moved near to our in-laws, there were always going to be advantages and disadvantages.  We have a good relationship, sharing, caring and they love spending time with the grandchildren.  One we hadn’t really thought of was needing fewer cars.  We had 2 and she had 1.  However we did find that most of the time there was always one car on the drive, even when we were all out!  Having thought through a few logistics, agreed what days we really needed a car and sorted the insurance so we could all drive every car, we managed to lose one – well not actually lose one, more sell one. We worked out that even if we had to hire a car twice a month for a couple of days it was still going to cost us less than owning a third! The cost savings are significant although the maintenance and petrol costs for each remaining car has increased slightly; our overall consumption and costs have decreased, plus we have (near) live in babysitters and a safe neighbour to watch the house, kids and cats.  As an added benefit, when we do want a car (rather than need), there are great buses and even the bike!

Guest blog by a member of my church – this is the fourth of a short series
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