One thing we have learnt this week- low cost PV

954838_204501379701698_1765426126_nObama announces 1GWp of low cost PV on low income housing roofs. One of the big problems with solar PV is the up front cost. Whilst PV costs have fallen dramatically over the last -well since they were invented- the up front cost is still in the thousands of dollar/pounds/euros or whatever.  PV is almost competitive with wholesale electricity from conventional plant but it will always need to be paid for up front.  This is going to defeat many of those who would benefit from it and leads people to think its a rich persons toy.  Obama is expanding his low cost solar scheme and training tens of thousands of installers by executive order.  The same thing has happened here.  Councils in Wrexham and Birmingham have put solar systems on thousands of council houses before the FIT was cut and I have read about others going forward despite the cut to it.

The low cost PV plan (Clean Energy Savings For All Initiative) is a 10 fold increase on the previous plan which perhaps in part reflects the big drop in PV prices.  There will be those who complain about it such as Trump, but it seems an admirable plan to me.  Why shouldn’t everyone benefit from the solar revolution?


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