Aussie town planning to go off grid

1024px-TyalgumThe small town of Tyalgum is planning to go off grid.  Tyalgum is planning to get 100% of its energy from renewable sources and then unplug from the grid.  There are number of reasons why the towns’ (villages’?) inhabitants want to go off grid.  They pay a lot for their electricity and don’t feel they get much for this.  Tyalgum is at the end of the wires and the townspeople feel they pay a lot for maintaining these wires.   There is a high degree of environmental awareness and being at the end of the grid would lead to minimal disruption if they did go off grid.  There is also a very good renewable resource, mainly solar?

Its still a brave move to to actually unplug though and not a move I would personally recommend.  There does seem to be intense interest in this particularly in Oz with some suggesting a third of people might disconnect from the grid.  Of course the reason is the falling cost of energy storage (batteries).  If I was in this situation I would go 100% renewable and stay on the grid.  Apart from anything else there will be many times when you generate more power than you can use and this could be sold back to the grid.



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