One thing we have learnt this week – renewables capacity soars

DSCN1669A whole heap of reports have come out over the last week suggesting renewables capacity is soaring.  The International Energy Agency have said that renewables made over half of all capacity added in 2015 – a first.  China and the US are leading the charge.  Another report says that in the USA solar capacity is set to triple by 2017 with it growing by almost 40% a year.  Renewables capacity still provides only a small proportion of US electricity but its growing fast as coal power declines.  In Europe renewable energy investment is soaring.  The latest Renewable Energy Attractiveness Index from the consultancy EY  has many EU countries leaping up it.  Of particular mention is France which is starting a project to line a 1000km of roads with solar panels.

There is one country where investment has stalled- that is the UK which has moved to its lowest ever ranking since the wind and solar cuts.  I heard a programme on the radio looking at this issue.  Despite Brexit the government says that it wants to still meet the mandatory EU 2020 target.  It was on course to meet this with 15% of all energy coming from renewables.  Now since the cuts it won’t meet the target and is scrabbling around for ways to meet it.


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