Solar is not quite dead.

954838_204501379701698_1765426126_nSolar is not quite dead in the UK.  Admittedly the installation figures in Q3 at 85Mwp were the lowest for some years.  But there are some encouragements from the data.  First of all most of the installations were on private domestic roofs.  It looks like despite the low levels of support through the highly reduced FIT that domestic users can still make the PV installations payback in a reasonable time scale.  The second encouragement is that there are still large scale ground mounted installations taking place.  The ones I have heard of  are council led community share issues.  These are way too late for any support so its interesting that these can still be made to pay.

Its a great pity the way things have turned out with an abrupt turning off of the support tap.  If the government had anticipated such success then a digression could have been much better planned.  As it is a lot of installer jobs have been lost.  Nevertheless solar is not quite dead in the UK and there maybe sufficient demand going forward to keep at least some of the installer base going for a few years until the day when grid parity is reached.  With ground mounted at a large scale we may be already there.


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