One thing we have learnt this week “clean energy” hits 50%

In the last quarter for which there is any data clean energy hit 50%.  This was largely due to renewables especially wind and solar and the total clean energy output was about 5% higher than Q3 last year.  This is definitely a milestone and there is no going back.

However, I would not necessarily call biomass clean energy and certainly would not put nuclear under that definition.  It really depends on the source of the biomass an whether it is waste.  For example there is one small power station that generates electricity from chicken waste, which seems good to me.  There is another small wood powered power station in Scotland that uses waste from a wood factory next door and in Yorkshire another power plant is going to use wood waste brought by canal that would otherwise go to landfill.  However I have problems with Drax using wood cut down especially imported from the US.

This news has been announced when it seems the cost of electricity from wind and solar is hitting new lows and undercutting all other power sources.  Its nice after this year of all years to end on a reasonably optimistic note.  Have a happy Christmas and a happy new year.


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