Ink from air

2015-09-22 14.12.40Ink from air?  Particulate pollution produced by cars and power stations is one of the biggest problems in the world today.  This blog has covered this issue many times.  What if you could capture the microscopic particles and turn them into something useful?  Say ink?  This is what a company has done in the far east.  Singapore?

They fit a kind of particulate filter to vehicles capture the soot.  Remove the heavy metals and make ink from air.  Presumably black ink.  This ink seems to be more for art use rather than  printers.

Is this a solution to the problem of particulates?  Possibly.  The first thing to say is that fitting some kind of capture filter to the vehicle will lower its efficiency so fuel economy will be hit especially when it fills up.  The second drawback is that unless every car is fitted with such devices the impact will be minor.  The third drawback is you have to collect the collecting containers.  The secret would be to make the collectors easy to swap so that you could do it at filling stations.  To make this a practical solution to the particulates problem then other uses have to be found for soot particles since there is only so much ink we need.  Any ideas?


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