Solar health

2017-03-19 16.26.37The NHS is in fine solar health or at least growing solar health.  My father is unwell and has been in and out of hospitals over the last month or so.  It been noticeable that both hospitals that have given him treatment have solar panels on at least part of their roofs.  The systems are large by domestic standards but smaller than one I saw nearby on a nearby supermarket (that it had to be said was a very big system).

Its always struck me that hospital roofs were a huge potential solar resource from when I worked in a hospital building.  Hospitals are huge buildings and have vast amounts of roof space.  They also use enormous amounts of electricity.  At least in the UK they are not generally architectural masterpieces either so sticking PV modules on the roof is not going to ruin the building and may often improve its aesthetics.

One problem looming is that the government has made systems below 50kWp subject to business rates although discussions and lobbying are going on.  There are lots of other sustainability issues the health service needs to sort out.  Nevertheless well done NHS lets get every roof covered to solar PV.


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