One thing we have learnt this week – the Pope and Trump

The Pope and Trump had a meeting this week and it really didn’t like look like a meeting of minds.  Trump was smiling but the Pope did not look happy.  As I heard someone predict the Pope gave Trump a copy of his encyclical on climate change.  The meeting was short and there was what was described as an “exchange of views”.  Presumably they covered such areas as refugees, walls and the environment.

So far Trump has led to headlines that would have destroyed any candidate much less a sitting president.  Almost everyday you rub your ears in disbelief when you listen to the news and move on.  However, whilst Trump is trashing a lot of environmental protection in the US (drilling in National Parks, huge cuts to the EPA, etc) he has so far baulked at pulling out of the Paris agreement.  There were apparently long discussions about doing so but no decision.  I remain reasonably optimistic that he will not do so, but not totally optimistic.  In the meanwhile all we can do is pray that he doesn’t do so and sees some sense.  His attempts at resurrecting the fossil fuel industry seem doomed to failure as batteries, solar and wind continue to plummet in cost.  These are the industries of the future not fossil fuels.

It seems unlikely that the Pope and Trump will hold any more meetings at least in the short term, but lets hope the Pope has some influence on Trump over issues such as climate change in the longer term…


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