ode to autumn

virburnum on the change_optAutumn is upon us.  Like you can smell spring, there is a palpable change on the last days of August and beginning of September.  Whatever the days are like there is a nip in the air in the evenings and the leaves are just starting to change.  I love autumn and all the seasons.  There is a promise of of sitting around the fire on a cold dark evening.

But I love this change period as well.  Produce from the garden is at its peak.  I have been eating fresh fruit for months.  First blackcurrants and raspberries, then plums and now blackberries.  Runner and French beans are producing in profusion we have been eating potatoes and there is the promise of leeks and parsnips soon.  At a suggestion of Monty Don on “Gardners World” I have sown turnips and swedes.  The turnips should be ready in November and the swedes in the early spring.  This a complete experiment in Scotland but so far both have shot up (turnips with 48 hours).  This will maximise the use of my ground over the winter and give me low carbon vegetables (hopefully).  As this autumn takes hold why not think about what you can grow in the way of food either now or next year?


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