Psalm 104

beech treesLast week my homegroup did an SU harvest activity based around Psalm 104.  We have done this before. I cut flowers from the garden (almost at the end of the season) and picked up some faller apples and got people to make a display.  In doing so I learnt something about flower arranging.  I also learnt something about Psalm 104.

This psalm is a worship psalm but also praises God for his creation.   Psalm 104 also reminds us that God not only created our world but also nurtures and sustains it.  It has astounding turns of phrase for example

The Lord wraps himself in light as with a garment” v2


“He waters the mountains from his upper chambers; the land is satisfied by the fruit of his work.” v13.

pumpkinsMost of all Psalm 104 reminds people in the developed world to both be grateful for what we have and recognise our reliance on the natural world (and thereby God since he sustains the natural world according to this psalm).  We have lost touch with nature.  For Christians in the developing world in mainly agrarian societies that are only too aware of the above.  We are not.  If there is a crop failure the supermarkets we use simply switch to another supply.  The price may rise but we don’t starve.  Its not like that when you are relying on your crops for both income and food.  Crop failures (increasingly common due to climate change) mean literally life and death.  Maybe we in the West need to simplify our lifestyles a bit and be grateful for what we have.  This psalm is a good reminder.


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