global climate emissions set to increase

DSC_2911Global climate emissions are set to increase this year by 2%.  This is an unexpected, unwelcome surprise and is thought to be due to China.  EU and other developed country emissions have dropped, but by less than was expected.  The reason Chinese emissions have increased is due to a drought.  This hit hydropower output and thus the Chinese used coal fired power stations to make up the difference.  There are warnings here in what has been generally encouraging figures on global climate emissions over the last 3/4 years.  First the very problems of climate change could hit power output from renewables.  The weather is much more variable (some would say crazy).  This means that there maybe less wind/water/sun.  The second warning to take from this despite the success of renewables and now electric cars and batteries is that we have not got the problem licked.  We can take encouragement though.  The days when we were told that there was no point in doing anything since the Chinese were opening a new coal powered power station every week are over.  In fact they have been mothballing them and making huge investments in electric vehicles, solar and wind.  This is in part not just because of global climate emissions but due to old fashioned particulate emissions.  I am optimistic that if we keep on this road emissions will peak in time.


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