One thing we have learnt this week- why are cyclists an oppressed minority

church on suussex downs with my bikeAre cyclists an oppressed minority ?  Perhaps oppressed is not quite the right word which I do not like to trivialise, but it does feel that way.  Let me just say cyclists are not always right.  I think the way that the group rallied together over the case of the cyclist who ran over a woman without having any front brake was disturbing.  He should have been punished and ignorance is no defence.  Its common sense you should have working brakes at both the front and back.  Nevertheless I can see why cyclists banded together in that case and others.  (I don’t think the law needs changing to stop more cases like this in the future).  Are cyclists an oppressed minority?  Well we do get it in the neck all to often.  Having nearly been squashed by a van on my way back from work one week and then last Friday told off for cycling in a a prohibited area.  It wasn’t that I was right.  I thought I could cycle there but was wrong about that.  It was the way I was told off.  The shear pleasure the person took in doing so was what made it so difficult.  I really had to turn the other cheek.  For every person like this though there is a lorry driver that gives you a cheery wave as you let them past or the car driver who lets you out of a side road.   It feels we are got at though.  As an ex colleague said (who didn’t cycle).  Those who have a go at cyclists should have a go at cycling in this city.


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