All roads lead to Hinkley C (literally)

All roads lead to Hinkley C (literally).  This is what an old friend who used to go my church told me the other week.  He is a landscape architect who works in South West England.  Much as I would like to forget about Hinkley C its not possible to get way from it for very long.  A few months ago the National Audit office wrote a report saying it was very bad news for the taxpayer.  Another report by another professor of energy has recently come out and said it should be cancelled ASAP.  It also looks at the other ongoing nuclear projects and finds they are not much more financially viable.  However there is one aspect that is being ignored of all this and that is all roads lead to Hinkley C.  The demand for concrete and other building materials as well as skilled personnel is in the South West is greatly affected by the Hinkley C construction project.  This is according to my friend making contracts for other things much more expensive or in some cases impossible to go ahead with since the companies are making good money out of Hinkley C.

It looks very likely in 2018 the Hinkley C construction project is going to face a crisis to do finances.  If it does so will the other potential projects with other companies involvement.  The question is what will the government do then?  There is with trident renewal a clear need to have nuclear reactors and if the government wants them it will have to pay.  The nuclear disaster is not over yet….



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