One thing we have learnt this week – plastic waste

00005_optI saw a very disturbing report on plastic waste last night.  There is plastic waste litter everywhere.  This report ranged over the entire UK and I mean the entire UK.  It was really shocking.  Watch it and you will see.  Some Americans on my church homegroup were shocked by the litter in our city, but its really the same everywhere.  For my two jobs I cycle down two country lanes and there is both litter and larger stuff dumped all the way along.  On one the layby has been sealed off since so much stuff has been dumped.

There is no excuse for this.  Kerbside recycling is much improved (although as the above report makes plain plenty of people are putting recyclable material in the landfill waste streams).  Any larger stuff is free to dispose of at the “dump”.  Why and what mentality causes people to chuck plastic waste out their car windows is beyond me? (and I’ve nver seen someone do it) but it has to stop.

There are reasons to see that we can change.  Graffiti is a much reduced problem in the UK now than it used to be.  As a family we have decided to reduce our plastic use.  I will be reporting on this going forward but it seems likely that we will try one method of reduction a month.


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