One thing we have learnt this week – is solar killing gas?

DSCN1669Is solar killing gas?  The government is struggling to get energy companies to build new plant despite the contracts for difference paying gas fired plants record amounts of money it turns out this week.  So is gas going to go the same way as coal.  Over the last few years the amount of coal power on the UK grid has plunged.   President trump take note – its not wanted or required.  The massive rise in renewable energy has killed king coal (or nearly in the UK).  Have the lights gone out- no (well only in localised areas due to storms).

Is solar killing gas? The early signs are there.  The quantity of new plant planned is falling and is now less than half that planned a few years ago.  At the same time offshore wind and solar are forecast to be cheaper than gas (and anything else) in just a few years time.  On shore wind is almost certainly cheaper now.  The real threat to gas and other forms of power generation is not so much renewables themselves as energy storage.  The battery is coming of age and its this that will kill coal, gas and nuclear.  Where this leaves fracking is a moot point, but since the election the government shows signs of going lukewarm on it.



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