One thing we have learnt this week – plastic Lent

lent word cloud 2018Its not that its plastic lent or lent is plastic!  Lent has arrived again this year.  This I’m going to major on plastic.  Over the last year plastic waste has moved up most peoples agendas with particular concerns over plastic ending up in the oceans.  For lent this year I’ve decided to reduce my plastic use (as has my daughter who far more bravely than me is going to post what she does use on the internet).

I have decided to start small and make one change every month for the next year (or I should say we as a household).  I will be updating this as we go along.  Lent just brings an extra focus handily close to the start of the effort and hopefully by making a small sacrifice then will remember Christ’s bigger one – which is the point.

January.  We bought (plastic) containers but use these to put food in that might dry out like cheese when stored in the fridge.  The saving is huge on plastic bags (and in the long term will save money).

February. We stopped buying fizzy drinks in large 2L plastic bottles (buy cans).  Note we never buy water in plastic bottles.  Started taking paper bags to the shops to put fruit/veg in instead of plastic bags that shops insist you use.  This morning bough loose potatoes and refused plastic bag to put them and put them straight in my bag.

Yes these changes are small on an individual basis but if all started making them…

Here are some more ideas from Bettina interviewed on yesterdays Radio 4 PM (log in required unfortunately).

Loose Tea.  Teabags contain plastic – yes I could not believe it either.  The COOP is going to stop using it in its everyday teabags and whilst this is my first company endorsement ever, I don’t care.  We will be buying these in future particularly when they are still fair trade when other companies are doing away with it.

Make you own soap/deodorant etc.

Go for refills.

Make a less plastic lent!


Full “No oil in the lamp” Lent guide here.


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