One thing we have learnt this week – kinder country

cartoon on snowDoes snow make for a kinder country?  It was noticeable how life changed when a fair amount of snow created complete disruption.  (We can argue about whether we need to spend a lot of money to make our infrastructure snow proof – this might be necessary with climate change.)  But for 48 hours the whole of the UK ground to a complete standstill.  The sense of change and community and a kinder country was very noticeable.  Churches threw open their doors to the homeless.  Businesses and people donated food and clothes (a person in my homegroup saw this in action as a volunteer).  Hotels through open their doors to stranded travellers and again supermarkets donated food.  Neighbours rallied around one another.

The biggest change was on the roads and streets.  The streets were reclaimed by children and pedestrians.  A video on line showed a man snow boarding down a street in Glasgow.  The reason for all this was a complete absence of traffic.  And how refreshing it was.  I saw lots of people walking back from the shops with their shopping.  It even took a few days here for the traffic to get back to normal.

The question is could we replicate this in the future?  Even electric cars do not totally solve the problems of pollution and excessive traffic.  Of course there were drawbacks, the shops were almost all closed apart from the supermarkets that were fast running out of food.  The snow made us see the precariousnesses of life.  Our dependency on supply lines at the moment dominated by fossil fuels was plain to see.  It would be good if we could reduce our dependence on the motor car.  Life would be so much better.


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