A tail of two energy storage systems

1024px-Flat_Holm_PV_solar_array_near_FarmhouseA tail of two energy storage systems at different scales.  This week a 22MWp battery system has been switched on at Wales’s largest onshore wind farm.  Second at the small scale Nissan is launching its home battery and PV system business.

When National grid launched its bidding process for 200MWp of enhanced frequency response energy storage systems there was an overwhelming response with 1.5GWp of bids.  This new system is part of that bidding process.  It can deliver its full output for ½ an hour which doesn’t seem very much to me compared with a pumped storage scheme.  Nevertheless its a start and replicated over a very large scale would make a huge contribution to ironing variable renewable output.

At the other end of the scale is the personal battery storage system.  Arguably this has the bigger long term implications.  Nissan clearly see a synergy between their car batteries, cars and energy storage.  Possibly using second hand batteries from their cars (the site is non-specific in this regard).  Its difficult to say how many of these systems there are already in the UK but estimates say about 10,000 already.  This summer peak demand is expected to hit a record low. At the moment this is due to decentralised energy rather than energy storage systems but in the future its possible to see demand in summer for centralised energy almost disappearing completely.


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