Green Lemons

Green lemonOne of the big supermarkets in the UK has decided to sell green lemons.  These are exactly the same as yellow lemons apparently, but we expect them to be yellow.  Or the supermarkets think we expect them to be yellow?  Is this just a silly season story as there is nothing else going on in the world today – right?  Or is there a serious point about expectations and food waste.  The supermarkets have decided that we only want perfect veg and fruit since we want it.  Who decided this is unclear – us or them.  However the realities of climate change are starting to bite and the supermarkets are having to adjust their policies.  In addition they are coming under pressure to cut food waste.

In recent years they have started to sell wonky veg.  In fact we bought a cardboard box of this earlier this year.  There was nothing wrong with it apart that it was a bit misshapen.  Farmers (anonymously) swear that they are made to throw perfectly good fruit and veg away since it does meet colour/shape criteria.  Up until now most reports of this are when the supermarkets seem to be forced to do it due to supplies.  Hopefully they will soon learn that we don’t care about perfection but about safety and taste.  But this latter point is a whole different subject….

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