Three pressing environmental problems

00005_optHearing an article on the news on plastics the other day got me thinking about I thought were the three pressing environmental problems.  I came up with plastic pollution,  Climate change (obviously) and particulate pollution.  I’m going to have a look at each one in separate blog posts first looking at particulate pollution.  But considering each one is there a political will to deal with and societal will, which there has to be in every case since significant lifestyle changes are inevitable?

I think on plastics there is.  There are an increasing number of techno fixes and there is massive public backing for solution to what is partly a litter problem caused by a small minority.  “Blue planet” really did have an effect.  I think in 5 years there will be huge progress on sustainable alternatives.  The huge problem will be dealing with what’s out already there.

On climate change we are half way there.  There is a good deal of political and societal will but not enough.  Some people think this summer’s northern hemisphere’s heat wave is a tipping point.  I hope they are right, but such moments have been predicted before.

On the last of our three pressing environmental problems particulate pollution I think we have a long way to go.  For the most part we are talking about traffic pollution although in India and China there are other causes such as coal and wood burning combined with other natural sources.   Governments reaching are for the electric car as a solution.  This is only a partial one.  We will start looking at this most pressing of problems first with an proposed scheme in my city of residence.


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