Coal power is on its way out power is on its way out.  Not due to any renewable subsidies but because its now more expensive.  And this is the US.  A report there says that currently 75% of coal fired electricity production is more expensive than wind and solar.  By 2025 all will be more expensive than wind and solar.  The question is what is Trump going to do?  To reverse the situation will require subsiding coal in the same way that renewables have been subsidised.  Of course most fossil fuels get some kind of subsidy still and I suspect this is the same with US coal power.  However, even if it does, this is clearly not enough as things stand.

Coal power is on its way out in the UK as well and so far we have not missed it with nearly 40% of electricity coming from renewable sources.  The figure is 17% in the US.  Clearly the grid can cope and its vital for tackling climate change and other pollution to phase out coal power.  This clearly means that global coal demand will fall.  What happens in the US happens elsewhere generally, good or bad.  All this begs the question, why is the UK opening its first deep coal mine in decades?


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