Who’s having a good time during the shutdown?

royal mileWho’s having a good time during the shutdown so far?  Unfortunately I’m tempted to say the virus, which is far from under control almost anywhere.  Even in China and other parts of Asia we need to be cautious as controls are relaxed.  Maintain your distance from other people and wash your hands.

Winners and losers include.

Winners – experts.  Largely banished during the recent surge in populism and nationalism, they are now in high demand and for the most part of it having a good shutdown.  Just maybe they’ll be listened to over climate change after all this is over.

Winners – health services.  Under funded and under prepared in so many places, it’ll be a brave government that underfunds them in the medium term future.

Winner – the environment.  From a lack of traffic to hearing birdsong, millions of people have turned to nature.  Supposedly dolphins have been swimming in Venice’s canals.  What is certainly true is that the water in them is clear.  People who live under flight paths of airports will have a sense of peace.  Air pollution in cities has plunged.  In fact whilst its terrible to say so covid has saved thousands of lives in China over all as the shutdown there cut pollution drastically.  Here’s hoping this leads to change.

Loser – the economy.  The shutdown will lead to a huge worldwide slump.  We’ve only just about got over the 2008 crash and this looks like being worse.  How governments behave afterwards will be critical to peoples health and well being, but its almost certain that future generations will be paying for our mistakes.

Loser – mental health and general well being.  There is a danger that people will die from other conditions as health services naturally concentrate on covid.

Loser – the fossil fuel industry.  The oil price has collapsed to such an extent its actually cheaper to lead it in the ground.  Lets hope it stays this way.  It also shows though how dependent we are on oil.  Keep healthy.




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